One PM out, one PM in

It happened just before 4pm.

The Guardian news website showed live video of the whole procedure with extensive camera coverage including footage from helicopters, so I feel that I really was part of this historic occasion.

Firstly, Theresa May made her final speech outside Number 10. She had her husband by her side and spoke very well as usual. Then they got straight into the car and drove to the Palace.

The cameras followed her all the way up Whitehall, around Trafalgar Sq, along the Mall and right inside the Palace grounds. We saw her get out of the car and go into the Palace.

Then, after some time, she left to go home to her constituency in Maidenhead. Next up was Boris Johnson’s car which drove in to the Palace grounds and he went in to meet the Queen where she officially asked him to form a Government.

Then I saw Boris come out of the Palace, get into the car and reverse the whole trip back to Number 10, where he got out and walked straight to the Podium to make his first speech as Prime Minister.

The fun part for me was that I’ve seen these cars and their entourage before, driving up Millbank and around Westminster. They have police motorbikes who zoom ahead to stop the traffic so the cars can drive smoothly without interruption to their destination. I always wondered who was inside the main car, and now I know!