And now we can sleeeeeep

We have been graciously elevated off the floor by the arrival of our new bed base. She is named “Coco” and she is a french design. I love her.

It's truly amazing the difference between sleeping on the mattress on the floor versus being up on a bed base. We both feel completely different and I'm trying to pinpoint what it is. I mean, there are the obvious things such as swinging our legs over the edge of the bed and standing up easily, rather than rolling on to the floor and struggling to pull up a body that's leaden with sleep. Another factor is that when the mattress is on the floor, the bedding also spreads out onto the floor which makes tricky work of navigating around the room without tripping on the sheets.

But there is a deeper feeling of serenity and safety when we have a protective headboard and the soft covers fall over the edges; lightly and freely keeping us cool on hot summer nights, or the warm weight keeping us cozy on cold winter nights. Just bliss.