Mooching around for the rest of August

This first stage of the journey is quite tough to be honest, and it’s nice to have some regular and familiar news from family to keep me on the straight and narrow. Those little rituals in our day that we take for granted are actually the ones that keep us sane (in my opinion). For me, some of those things are my morning cup of tea in my favourite mug, climbing into my own comfy bed at night, having a hot shower and washing my hair with my favourite products, playing my piano, and having a quiet spot in the house to sit on my own and gather my thoughts - that’s usually when creativity strikes. Now that those things aren’t there, I realise how important they are and it helps to give me clarity on what I really want in life.

Over the next couple of weeks we've been caught in the rain a couple of times, I find out my right boot has a leak so my sock gets wet, we go shopping for a new bed, and explore parts of London we've never been. We are currently in the middle of the UK's summer holidays, so it's quite a good time to be chilling out.

We've also been refining our CVs and applying for jobs. There are absolutely loads more jobs advertised here compared to Sydney which is promising indeed. It's just a matter of getting our CVs interesting enough that someone will take notice.

This pond in the Italian Gardens was the scene of a mini drama on this day. There was a gorgeous little white poodle pup happily trotting along beside his owner, head high, feeling sprightly and enjoying all the new sights and smells. Little pup was enjoying putting his front paws up on the edge of the pond when he suddenly spotted a duck floating on the surface. To his little eyes, the surface moss looked like land, so he leaped over the little wall to chase the duck, when to his dismay he completely disappeared under the moss into the water. After an interminably long few seconds he reappeared, panic stricken and covered in yellow moss. Owner fished him out in a flash, but little pup was clearly dismayed and shivering, tail between his legs and feeling very sheepish. Hopefully he'll forget the incident quickly and carry on in his usual sprightly self. It was very funny and very sad all at the same time. I didn't get a photo, I didn't have the heart. Poor little pup.