What would happen if we threw away our to-do lists?

I’m talking about those things we write down, hoping we’ll have time to get around to at some fictional point in the future. Personally, I always feel overwhelmed and pressured when I find one of my lists. “Oh, I still haven’t done that”,  “I must try to find time to do that”,  “I’ll feel better when all these things are done”… 

The things on our lists were inspired ideas we had last week/last month/last year. We wrote them down but didn’t act on them at the time for whatever reason.

Now they are ideas from a past moment, stacking up on a list of ’should do’ items. We feel bound by this list from the past, feeling that we are supposed to complete them, feeling bad that we haven’t and not sure which one to tackle first.  We procrastinate, don’t achieve anything, and block any new ideas from coming through.

We are effectively being held prisoner by ideas we had in the past… by who we were and what we wanted to express in that moment.

What if we accepted that we missed the opportunity to act on the idea, realise the moment has passed, and THROW OUT THE LIST.

Then we free ourselves to act on the inspiration that comes in THIS moment. We will be fully present and available for a new idea to pull us off the couch. Who knows, some of those old ideas may come back, and I bet they’ll be better than the original ideas because they are being expressed through who we are today, not who we were yesterday. 

I like it, I feel better, and I’m going to throw away my list. Come and get me Inspiration… I’m ready.